1. What is SUVC and RSTE ?

SUVC is a national level solar car event registered under Government of India conducted by Re-frangible society. Re-frangible society is working on the development of the solar product in the various region.

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2. Why should we choose SUVC ?

SUVC Experts and organizers are from Automobile and Advance automobile background from all around the world, i.e, Automobile engineers from various automobile MNCs , MS from Germany, MS from the USA , MS from Canada with Core automobile. They will guide you more appropriate manner rather than other.

3. What is S class and M class in SUVC ?

S- class is an exclusive solar class category, in which team can participate with their new manufactured vehicle, the vehicle should not old more than 1 year. and must comply all the Rules of SUVC-19.

M- class is Modified solar class category, in which team can participate with modification of old vehicle. M- class vehicles will not eligible in design and cost evaluation award.  M-class also should compliance all the Rules of SUVC-19.

4. Who can participate ?

All engineers and diploma pursuing and passed graduate students (Till 2018 batch) can participate. Post-graduation students cannot be part of the team directly, They can guide or assistance.

5. How can i get concession in registration fee ?

First come first serve basis, First 10 registered teams will get a 10% discount on registration fees.

If the team pay full registration fees in single instalment within 7 days of registration, the team will get 10% discount in the registration fee.

previously participated teams can use their coupons for concession in the registration fee.

Open RSTE Technical Club in your college and get discount up-to 60% in the registration fee and various future concession.

6. How can we get Free Seminar by society ?

College can book a free seminar for students, in which experts will brief about the high-performance team, Awards winning strategies and many more. Open technical club in your college for fee concession and free 2 days workshops.

7. How can i open Technical club in my college and its benefits ?

For opening the technical club, Minimum 50 students would have to take 1-year student membership of the society. For brief knowledge and technical club registration form visit technical club section in the home page.

8. How can i register my team ?

The team can register on SUVC website or download the registration form from home page and fill it and send us coloured scan copy.